Team Building Training

Team Building Training Introduction

A participative style of management is the best approach to ensure employee involvement in the improvement process. Today, we are dealing with a workforce, with a higher education levels, and are eager to participate in the decision making process that affects them. There is no better way of motivating employees than to provide them with challenging jobs which make use of their talents and abilities.

In spite of all the obvious advantages, team participation is one of the key areas where most American companies fail. Dr. Ishkawa a leading Japanese quality professional, said of team involvement , "a people-building philosophy will make the program successful. a people using philosophy will make the program fail."

Company Team Building Training Benefits

Usually team members have diverse skills and experience  and may represent various departments and functions in the organization. What they share in common is their involvement in the problem to be addressed.

The benefits of team building approach to issues are numerous. Consider the role an individual plays in the organization. Team members may represent the role of supplier, processor and customer. On a team each member often brings different experiences, skills, know-how, and perspectives to the issues.

Such diversity is important for most improvement teams. A single person trying to remove a problem or deficiency, no matter how skilled, has rarely mastered the intricacies of an entire work process. The most significant gains are achieved by teams - groups of individuals pooling their talents and expertise.

Improvement teams:

  • Can solve larger issues than individuals working alone
  • Can build a fuller understanding of the process needing improvement
  • Can have immediate access to technical skills and knowledge of all team members (plus green, black and master black belts, in the typical six sigma arrangement)
  • Can rely on the mutual support and cooperation that arises among team members, as they work on a common project

Team Member Benefits

Teamwork offers some obvious benefits to team members, including:

  • An opportunity for greater understanding of affecting their work
  • A chance to be creative and share ideas
  • The opportunity to forge stronger working relationships with colleagues
  • The opportunity to learn new skills and enhance existing ones
  • A chance to work on a project with full support and interest of upper management
  • The satisfaction of solving a chronic problem, which may attract and/or retain more customers, increase revenues and reduce costs

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