Team Building Questions

Team Building Questions using Six Sigma

Team Building using Lean Six Sigma is perfect combination of skills for business and your personal success.

We welcome all team building questions and let our experts guide you through the team building process. Enjoy!

  • How to get started
  • The first team meeting dialog (very important)
  • Develop a Team Building strategy
  • Difficult team members. How to deal with them.
  • Educating the team members

Team Building Questions

What is a Lean Six Sigma Team?

In the Lean Six Sigma world the Teams and Team Building are the most important skill of Team success. Yes, there is structured methodology for Lean Six Sigma Teams which include a lot of different players and doesn't sound fun. We are going to make this answer simple and fun.

You have a group of people from selected areas of a company, one department is preferred, and as a Team Leader your mission is to create an army of "Waste Warrior's" for the company. The warriors are trained to a minimum of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt level. The Training must include Lean as this is a key area of focus for your future Team Building activities. 

What is a "Waste Warrior?"

All members of your team have Lean training which gives them the tools to identify process waste in in real time while working on daily tasks. Team meetings will thrive on these observations and suggestion to target process improvement projects. You will coach the team on which six sigma tools to use to solve problem.

Employees are eager to participate in the decision making process affecting them. There is no better way to motivate employees than to provide them with advanced training and with challenging jobs which make use of their talents and abilities.

How does Lean Six Sigma Teams benefit employees?

Do you know “95% of all problems occur due to bad processes”? However, in many organizations, problems are identified as a “People Issue”. Managers that focus on 5% people issues are still working today and should be let go. They attempt to fix people and continue with faulty processes. This makes your employees a victim of your business environment. 

I learned the 95%  process vs. 5% people during my lean six sigma training and it changed my career forever. I spent 23 years as an amature manager focused on people issues and almost went out of business. When I shifted my focus to the process I became a Great Manager and Team Leader with awesome results. Hard Lesson Learned!

Never forget 95% of all problems are in the process not with your people (5%). Does this change your focus? If not you should stop reading now and think real hard about your future because it might be short term.

More Employee Team Benefits

  • An opportunity for greater understanding of the issues affecting their job.
  • A chance to be creative and share ideas.
  • The opportunity to learn new skills and enhance existing ones.
  • A chance to work on a project with the full support and interest of upper management.
  • The satisfaction of solving a chronic problem, which may attract and/or retain more customers, increase profits and reduce costs.

What’s in it for me?

Do you know how much Six Sigma professionals earn?, world’s number 1 jobsite states that the national average salary for a Green Belt in 2016 was $83000 per year in the United States. For Certified Black Belts, it is $99000 per year. For Certified Master Black Belts, it is even more at $121000.

Your resume will qualify for some of the Top Soft Skills employers seek on candidates resume for 2019. Our Black belt training includes some Team Building skills, review our research below and see the demand for "Team" and "Team Building." Get the competitive edge with your resume. Yes over 14 million. Research of keyword search results of Top Employment website

Problem-Solving Questions for Team Building

Problem-solving team building questions are a more functional sub-category of team builder questions. Although (like other types of questions) they encourage people to learn about each other, team members gain practical insights from solving problems together. For example, problem-solving questions can reveal individual thinking styles, functional strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to cope with pressure. 

The best problem-solving questions include tasks that bring some novelty to skills that participants regularly use in teamwork. These questions work best with groups of people who already know each other but haven’t worked as a team before.

Here are some problem-solving questions for team building:

  •  Have you ever had to do something for work you knew you’d struggle with? How’d you prepare for it?

  •  Which developing technology do you think will transform the future?
  •  If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with you?
  •  If you could add a word to the dictionary, what would it be?
  •  What upcoming technological innovation do you think will impact you most during the next five years?
  •  How would you spend a million dollars in 24 hours?
  •  What one skill should everyone on Earth have? 
  •  If you had an extra hour of time each day, how would you use it?
  •  Would you rather have the power to become invisible or read minds? Why?
  •  Describe one time you took a huge leap of faith. Did it pay off?
  •  What color would you paint this room?
  •  Which of your five senses do you think is the strongest? Which is the weakest?
  •  Share a good riddle or brain teaser with the group.
  •  Which amenity do you think your workspace currently lacks?
  •  If you had a chance to rescue an armful of your possessions during a natural disaster, what would you grab?
  •  If you had to pick only one type of food to survive on for a week, what would you pick?


More Team Building Questions to come.

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