Six Sigma Books

Lean Six Sigma Tools Memory Jogger 

This Memory Jogger is probably the most complete source of basic information on the tools you will need in a Lean or Six Sigma project. It is laid out alphabetically by tool as opposed to by project phase. So, it will give you a good explanation of the tool and the basics of how to use it, but it won't necessarily tell you how it fits in the overall project flow. Like other Joggers, it supplements more in-depth training; and is very useful for those who use the tools occasionally. The writing is clear and straightforward, with little or no jargon. The examples are easily understood, with useful graphs and figures. I would recommend it to anyone who leads or participates in improvement projects, and to Lean Masters and Six Sigma Master Black Belts who want help giving crisp and understandable explanations of the people they are coaching.

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The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook

A Quick Reference Guide to 100 Tools for Improving Quality and Speed 1st Edition

This is a Tool book, covering all of the essential tools required by Lean Manufacturing, Quality and Six Sigma practitioners. The authors pack maximum information into a trim 276 page pocket guide. The information is presented in a logical sequence, with a reasonable amount of context and application hints. The various statistical and process tools are covered. This is a well-written reference book for those who have learned the materials previously. It is not an introduction, history, study guide or textbook.

Highlights include chapter 9 on Reducing Lead Time and Non-Value Added Costs, the Kaizen quick improvement outline (p. 20), the Kano customer satisfaction grid (p. 64), the measurement selection matrix (p. 74), guidance on selecting a control chart (p. 123) and matrix plots for multiple regression (p. 171). If you're a quality/operations professional, this should be on your bookshelf.

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The Memory Jogger 2

Tools for Continuous Improvement and Effective Planning 

As a professor who teaches productivity and quality improvement concepts, I have found this book to be a very useful overview of the primary improvement tools available. It is organized well, explains the purpose of each tool, gives detailed instructions for using each tool, and examples to give you ideas of how to apply the concepts. I require all my students to purchase this book as well as other Memory Jogger products for my classes. If you are involved in Lean, Six Sigma, Healthcare, Project Management, or Leading Teams, you might want to check out their other Memory Jogger books that explain additional useful concepts specifically related to your field of expertise as a supplement to the Memory Jogger 2 - goal qpc's foundational guide. These books are written for practitioners - those who want to learn the concepts and apply them within their work environment, often within a team setting. There are leader and facilitator guides available as well for those who want to teach the concepts within a classroom or corporate education setting. The Memory Jogger 2 is a "must have" for those who are responsible for implementing improvements within organizations.

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